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5 Types of Mobile Apps That Can Make Managing Your Expenditure Much Easier

Singaporeans spend a helluva lot of time gazing into the loving eyes of their… smartphones. Smartphone zombies are everywhere, drifting in a daze through MRT stations and floating across roads with not a glance at the cars whizzing past.

More often than not, we’re using our smartphones to kill time, catch up on news or find out what your friends are up to on your journey home. But that’s not the only thing that smartphones are good for, and there are certainly a lot of useful tools and apps available that can benefit you way more than serving you the latest cat videos on the Internet.

When it comes to tracking and managing your finances, mobile apps can serve not only to help you record what has been spent, but also set guides and limits to help you stay disciplined. Here are five types of mobile applications Singaporeans can harness to make managing their expenditure easier.


1. Budget and expenditure tracking

wally expenditure budget tracking

You might be losing hundreds of dollars every month to your hipster coffee habit, but you will never know unless you track your spending. Luckily, tracking your spending doesn’t have to mean poring through mountains of tattered account statements.

A budget and expenditure tracking app helps you monitor your spending the easy way. Whenever you spend money, whether it’s a $400 bender at Zouk or $1.20 for a cup of Kopitiam coffee, just whip out your smartphone and enter the expense. At the end of the month, being able to see where you are spending most of your money will help you to make better decisions on how to manage your money properly.

Some apps, such as OCBC’s Money In$ights app, will even let you link up your bank accounts and credit cards so transactions can be automatically recorded and spending limits can be set so that you don’t go overboard.


Wally (for Android and iPhone) – one of the most popular expense tracking apps, with a nice and clean interface)

Seedly (for Android and iPhone) – can be linked to your bank accounts and credit cards

– Expense Manager (for Android and iPhone)


2. Savings / deals apps

fave deals mobile apps

The next time you sit down at a restaurant, or lie down on a massage bed at some spa, make sure you’ve downloaded a savings or deals app that can help shave a few bucks off your bill.

In Singapore’s competitive commercial landscape, there are now quite a few mobile apps dedicated to offer customers deals.


The Entertainer – Get one-for-one deals on mains at restaurants all over Singapore with this app that is must-have for any Singaporean foodie/alcoholic.

Fave, formerly known as Groupon (for Android and iPhone) – Everyone knows Groupon, but not everyone knows they’ve now rebranded as Fave, offering the same deals and discounts on a whole host of things, ranging from food to fitness activities.

PromoNearYou – Get alerts whenever retailers near you have a promotion.


3. Banking apps

You’ve paid for your party of ten at the restaurant, and now everyone is looking at you awkwardly and mumbling something about forgetting to withdraw cash at the ATM machine.

Avoid this by getting all your friends to download a banking app that enables them to make immediate transfers. As much as this might sound like a no-brainer, you’d actually be surprised at how many people still haven’t harnessed the convenience of mobile banking.

Mobile banking apps also let you check your bank balance on the go, pay your bills and so on, all without having to log into your account using a computer terminal.


DBS / POSB Digibank

UOB Mighty

OCBC SG Mobile Banking


4. Investment trackers

spiking investment tracker mobile apps


Monitoring your investments can be a nail-biting exercise. Well, now you don’t need to wait till you get home or receive a call from your broker to discover you’ve hit rock bottom!

Investment tracking mobile apps let you receive live updates on your investments when you’re away from home, and some even let you trade on the go. For those who take a more active role in managing their investments than letting them sit there for ten years untouched, these apps are a must. Some apps also have historical charts that can help you to analyse your trades better.

Check with your broker, as many now also have their own mobile apps that enable you to monitor the stocks you’re holding and can even let you trade.



– SGX Stocks Calculator (for Android)

– Phillip Securities POEMS Mobile 2.0 (for Android and iPhone)


iOCBC TradeMobile


5. Credit card lifestyle apps

So many credit cards, so little time. When you’re at the counter and the cashier has shot you a curt “Cash or credit card?” you’ve got to make a snap decision as to which card to use.

Credit card lifestyle apps make life (somewhat) easier for you, by highlighting all the deals a particular card or bank is offering.


GetDeals – The app displays all the deals offered by credit cards in Singapore, whether for dining, shopping, petrol or travel.

Citi Mobile – Citibank’s mobile app lets you check all the deals that your Citibank credit cards give you, including all the Gourmet Pleasures deals.

DBS Lifestyle – Similar to the Citi Mobile app, this app allows you to check out the best available deals and toggle between credit cards to browse exclusive offers and redeem DBS Rewards.

OCBC WowDeals – Offering app-exclusive deals, this mobile app is one of the few that has app-specific offers. You’re also able to see deals near you and personalise your own catalogue of deals so you don’t have to sift through a ton of information.

Do you use any of the above apps? Share your reviews in the comments!

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